What We Do

The GlobalNeurology® practice model is simple: We specialize in the neurosciences (neurology, neurosurgery, neuroethics), and work as a multi-disciplinary team collaborating with a network of highly qualified experts to address the needs of each client.

Our clients – government representatives, university faculties, hospital staff, medical groups or non-government organizations – benefit from tailored solutions designed to develop or improve neurological services. We provide:

  • Consultancy services on a one-off basis or ongoing collaboration
  • Advisory services to review an active neuroscience program
  • Recommendations for developing global neurology and neurosurgery through white papers, peer reviewed journals or speaking engagements
  • Ethical and legal opinions related to neurology and neurosurgery practice

Please contact us to discuss your particular needs. We will review the available options if we can be of help.

GlobalNeurology® is dedicated to providing pro bono or charitable services. The GlobalNeurology® consultants also provide medical services on a charitable basis through GlobalNeuroCare.org.


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